Starting and nurturing new
business relationships

The businesses who are bold enough to attach themselves to the market challenges of their prospects (while they’re still relevant) in a way that is truly distinctive, are those that are elevated above everyone else.

We help you do just that. From coming up with a strategy to get you noticed with the right people, to creating content and events that actually stand out in a noisy market, through to starting and nurturing conversations with prospects until they’re ready to buy from you.

How we can work together


Using our demand gen model we’ll translate your targets into clear KPI’s that show how many leads need to be generated and how many appointments need to be attended to get you to your targets
Our strategists also lead on developing distinctive ideas for content, events and business development outreach and feed into ideas on how we can deliver campaigns that cut through the noisy B2B lead generation world.


Event Programmes
Events are one of the fastest ways to get your brand in front of prospects to showcase your products, services and approach in a ‘non-salesy’ way.

Getting events right is an art – you need interesting speakers (not just from your business), an interesting venue, interesting content, multiple points for engagement and as always, a distinctive topic that addresses the challenges that your prospects face. Getting all of this right is only half the job though, we’ll then fill the room (virtual or IRL) with prospects who can buy your services.

From intimate round-tables to 24 hour global virtual events for thousands prospects and everything in between, we create and execute high quality in-person and digital B2B events.


Driving event audiences
The success of B2B events lives and dies by the audience you generate and the engagement levels of prospects.
Getting the right people along to events is a heavy lifting job. We seamlessly bolt onto internal teams to bolster resource around events get the invites in front of the right people at the right brands and convert them into registrations. Our multi-channel, multi-touch approach makes sure you get the maximum return on your event investment. And robust, personalised confirmation process means that we’re warming your prospects up and helping to reduce drop-out on the day for in-person and digital events.


Lead Generation
There’s no shortcut to getting the new customers that you want. You can’t just call them out of the blue and ask them to buy your product or services. It takes time, planning, and flawless execution. But when we do this right, they’ll come knocking on your door.
From the initial spark, to nurturing leads down the sales funnel, to appointment booking – we’ll take care of it all. Across the phone, email and social channels, our BRD team know how to use interesting content, events and bespoke research to capture attention and qualify the leads to give you the best shot at conversion.


Lead Nurture
Lead generation is just like dating. You wouldn’t commit to spending your life with someone after one date would you? Before you pop the big question you have some work to put in. Winning new business, much like finding your ‘soulmate’ there is a journey to embark on.
Our teams will create a lead nurture programme with a personal touch – no cringe-worth (borderline desperate sounding!) automated emails. We’ll be looking at what is going on in the prospects’ business or sector, sharing interesting articles, content, event invites, touching base on the phone and staying top-of-mind in a personalised way until the time is right to respond to a live brief. There’s a real balance to getting a nurture programme right, which we’ve mastered over the past 10 years.


Creating distinctive content that doesn’t bore your prospects to sleep is a real skill. We come up with content ideas that land.
From video, to research, reports to podcasts and everything in between – we create content that will get you noticed with the people who can buy your products or services. We can not only take care of the content creation, but we’ll also run content syndication campaigns to get it in front of the right people.


Channel & Partner Marketing
Channel and partner marketing is one of B2B brands most effective routes to revenue. However, generating new MQL’s and SQL’s in channel, just as it is in direct to market, is more challenging than ever and there is increasing scrutiny on budgets.

Vendors need MDF budgets to work harder, partners need more support to do so. That’s where Entourage come in, we help bridge the gap between Vendors and their partners. Supporting Vendors to create strategies and execute campaigns that will really move the needle for your partners. Everything we do is about building and converting pipeline through the channel.

From channel and partner concierge services to running event and content programmes, we’ll get MDF budgets working harder.


Data & CRM

Any successful business development and marketing programme is always underpinned by quality data.

Our in-house data team build organigram’s of complicated organisations to ensure we are always speaking to the right buyers.

Who we work with