Keeping up with client needs

There's no denying, it's a hot topic! Clients needs have changed, and they’re under increased pressure to squeeze as much value as possible from their budgets delivering more, faster. For some brands, this has meant looking at ways to in-house services they traditionally outsourced to agencies. For others, it has meant refining their rosters and minimising the number of agencies they work with.

Event Takeaways: The American Dream

For many UK agencies, expansion into the US is the dream. The drivers for agency owners vary – from meeting existing client demands to a personal ambition to make the move stateside. Recognising this as a huge area of growth for UK agencies, we teamed up with Waypoint Partners to co-host our latest event ‘The American Dream’, where we explored expansion, scaling and operating in the US.

The American Dream: New Biz in the USA

Join us at our next event to hear from Social Chain, Freedman International, House of Kaizen, the Former CEO at Ogilvy & Mather, Battenhall and Waypoint Partners on the pitfalls to avoid during expansion, positioning your agency for the US market and how to build a robust sales and marketing plan to build your US pipeline.

How brands like to be approached

With (literally) hundreds of approaches every few days, it’s increasingly hard for agencies to connect and even ‘wow’ brand-side marketers. So we set ourselves the task to simply ask the question of senior marketers – “how do you like to be approached by agencies?”

Putting agencies and brands into true commercial and strategic alignment

For the top 50 independent marketing groups in the UK, profit margins have decreased to a historic low of 7.5% and it’s clear that the current industry model is no longer sustainable for agencies. Caroline Johnson helps agencies transform their business model to ensure what they offer is fully aligned to clients needs. We chat through the challenges, and opportunities, facing agency owners.

Understanding your potential clients challenges

Mark Thomas, Senior Director Marketing Operations & Execution at Hilton Worldwide EMEA, spoke to us about the importance of agencies being able to make a connection to the key business challenges that he faces.

The move to value based pricing

As clients continue to trim budgets, the struggle for agencies to grow revenue and improve margins is real. A common reaction is to attempt to do a better job of estimating, recording and billing for the agency’s time. Ultimately though, this is not the answer.


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